IOMtt 2013 pt 3

Superbike TT Raceday. Due to a lack of practice the previous week, Gary Thompson ACU Clerk of the Course took the brave decision to postpone Superbike TT race 1 from Saturday until Sunday afternoon. This must have been a difficult call. Mad Sunday is a special day in the calendar of many road racing fans where many of them like to ride the mountain circuit, especially the section between Ramsey and Creg ny Baa which is unrestricted. Many of the local towns and villages also make plans for special activities that day. I didn’t read of any complaints but I am sure the organisers of events like Peel Fun Day may not have been too happy.

Callum and I went for a morning walk around the grandstand and paddock in glorious sunshine. The place was packed like I had never seen with everyone looking forward to the first big bike race.

2013-05-31 13.16.24 2013-05-31 13.17.19 2013-05-31 13.18.19 2013-05-31 13.18.29 2013-05-31 13.23.15 2013-05-31 13.26.52 2013-05-31 13.27.27
2013-05-31 13.29.54

After a bite to eat I rode out to Gorse Lea on the Fazer. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bank and field around Harold`s cottage so very crowded. Callum stayed in and around the grandstand. I headed to the marshals hut just along from Gorse Lea and set up the first aid box, stretcher, fire extinguishers and cement dust. The road was busy with race fans trying to get to their viewing spots before the roads closed. After a bit the rest of the marshals arrived. It was grand to meet the old team again- Fozzy, Reggie the knees, Phil and Paddy.

2013-06-02 12.19.16 2013-06-02 14.00.26 2013-06-03 10.08.49 2013-06-03 10.21.56

After a superb superbike race with Michael Dunlop winning I joined the hordes and rode back into Douglas.  Walter and Joshua had a cracker day in hospitality at the grandstand. They had met Jonny Rea. Keith Amor, Michael Dunlop and others as well as getting well fed and watching MotoGP. We decided we needed fed so made our way down to Callum`s favourite feeding station at Jaks. Nice steaks all round.

As the sun was still shining and the roads becoming quieter I decided to get a lap of the circuit done with Walt and the lads following me in the van. It was a great run with not too much traffic about although I thought Walt’s comment of “hooligan” to me as we stopped at The Bungalow was a little out of order. We took some happy snaps at Joeys statue and continued the run down into Douglas. Overall a smashing day.


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