IOMTT 2013 pt 1

Callum and I sailed from Larne on the midnight sailing to Douglas. We were foot passengers but were fortunate that the Fazer was coming too, the next day with Walter Millar in his dying Costcutter van.

We met Rodney, Caroline, Stephen and Rod in the bar. The plan was to have a couple of cold ones but by the time the boat arrived near 3 am we were still supping. The mood on the boat was class as usual. Everyone was in good form, had some dollars in their pockets and there was promise of good weather on IOM. Practice sessions on IOM had been marred a couple of evenings earlier after the death of Japanese rider Yoshi. RIP, Sir.

Stephen McCloy at the bar

Cal on the boat to Douglas

Caroline at the bar on the boat

Rodney and Stephen

The boat arrived on time and the poor old foot passengers embarked on the near 1 mile walk from the boat to the terminal. Rod had offered us a lift from the sea terminal up to our hostel for the next 9 days near Willaston. Dave and Katrina had left a key for us so we sneaked in and got settled down for a kip. After the cats had said hi to Callum.

Callum says hi to cats

After just a couple of hours kip I woke up and saw the glorious weather. Said hi to Katrina who was off to work and decided to cut the grass whilst waiting for Cal to get his beauty sleep. I also decided to do a quick hoover – I know its odd but I find it strangely therapeutic. To my surprise the machine was adorned with ribbons and a Davy Morgan sticker. Class.

Sexy Dyson

When Cal did rise we hurried over to the paddock.

Cal on Glencutcherry Road

Me on Glencutcherry Road

We made our way round the paddock and then on to IOMTTMA office to complete our signing on and receive our packs.

IOMTTMA office

Japanese pressStephen Davison

Of course the need for social media began to hurt and we didn’t want to get hit with roaming charges so we dandered down into town to get Manx telecom sim cards. Sadly Callum`s phone was locked but I was able to get a sim and an IOM number to use. We popped into Coasters for a bite to eat before scrounging a lift back up to the house with Katrina.

Later that evening we walked the short distance to Cronk ny Mona to watch the final practice sessions of the week. We had never viewed from here and it was a good spot. The sidecars were especially spectacular and the view up he mountain as far as Kates was class too.

Cronk ny Mona

On the way back we felt the need to call into the Cat for a cold one before heading down to the grandstand to meet Simon Young who had designed the Arai for Karl and Lee (Bennett Racing). Day one was over…..


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