Skerries 2011

We had a superb day in Skerries which included ice cream no less.

William Dunlop lines up on the grid before Senior Final
This was to be our first Road Race down South and we left good and early after the same Maccie Ds breakfast. It was a cracker sunny day and not too much traffic about so we made good time. We had planned to meet up with Shirley @curlybiker on the circuit. I must admit I hadnt been down towards Dublin for a couple of years and was pleasantlly suprised with the Newry by pass and the motorway beyond. Even better we came across the motorway service station near Drogheda where we got some euros and a brew. Before too long we were in the town of Skerries and headed out to the circuit. It is always a bit strange arriving at a circuit for the first time, but I had had a wee look on the map and decided that we would watch from the northern section, somewhere near the start line. As it was we found a grand spot just at Sams Leap. We did have to pay a few euros to park in someones field, but we were right at the action, close to commentary position and a small grandstand had been built above the hedge. perfect.
Exit of Sams Leap

The weather continued to be excellent, the craic on the grandstand was fierce and of course the racing superb. Our hearts were in our mouth every time Michael Dunlop apperaed from the tunnel- he seemed to be going so hard and pushing it right to the edge. Thrilling. I remember William starting half way down the grid and still managing to win on his 250. Before the Senior final we took a walk up to the paddock and were lucky enough to have a chat with Maria Costello and John Burrows.

Callum with William Dunlops 250
Martin Finnegan Supporters

The Senior final was mad. William started in front of brother Michael and they tore strips off each other on each lap. It was great to watch as they battled so hard. We were standing right on the finish line and nearly lost our breath as they hurtled towards us, William winning by second. We reckoned Michael may have pipped him if there had been one more lap. It had been a superb day and finished in really good time. @curlybiker had ridden home earlier in the day as she was cold! I had flipping sunburn. before heading home we drove into Skerries and enjoyed a relaxing hour or so with a poke down by the shore.

Callum getting his poke at Skerries
Race control at start line

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