What about ye?

Chris Hare, 48, husband to Debbie, Dad to Nicky(24) and Callum(20) and work full time in aviation . Soon to be Grandad.

Englishman captured by my beautiful wife 25 years ago and kept prisoner in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Northern Ireland ever since.

I am NOT in a mid life crisis by the way.

Over the last few years I have been absolutely sucked into the sport of motorcycle road racing – and this blog will describe our adventures on 2 wheels, from Dundrod to Douglas, Cookstown to Coleraine and Tandragee to Skerries.

I am NOT in a mid life crisis.

I must stress that I am not a lifelong biker, or at least not yet. I have a definate growing interest in most things 2 wheels and even more recently in sidecars.

We currently own and ride a Honda Varadero 125 and Yamaha Fazer 600.

I enjoy a beer.

We marshal road races in Ireland and on the Isle of Man.

If you are NOT in a mid life crisis either, or a time served biker, racer, marshal or have any interest in the machines then I welcome you along.

Thanks a million


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