Off to the Manx….

A wee bit late, but here is Mackers blog as he headed for Manx

Ian Mackman Racing

I type this as I sit on the boat at the Albert Docks ready to set off for my first Manx GP experience. As per my previous blog, after finishing a 7 1/2 year stint with Bill Smith Motors, I have moved on to work with my old mate James Powell of Infront Motorcycles. The first couple of weeks have been pretty varied; from giving circuit/suspension advice and some on track one-to-one training, through to servicing/repairing road and race bikes back at HQ in Saltney, Chester. It’s been great to have some variety and I’m really enjoying it. In fact I got great satisfaction from giving Sam Cross some very brief on-track training at Anglesey to then see him take the Class lap record the following day – well done that man! So once again the variety of the job comes in to play and I’m travelling over to the…

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