Varadero headlight headache

The trusty Honda has been dealt a blow. And it almost seems embarrassing – well for Callum anyway. Only failed MOT 3 times for badly aligned headlights!! After upgrading bulbs and even taking the bike to a car mechanic to test the lights we gave up today and to the front end off her.

2013-08-05 15.22.02


Not only will this allow us to find out what the heck is wrong with the lights but will also allow us to get a lot of gunge out and some fresh paint on. We discovered that the light adjuster had snapped off so there was no way the beams could be made to sit correctly. Looks like something that cant be fixed so we are looking for replacement headlight unit.

2013-08-05 14.49.47


2013-08-05 15.25.52


Fortunately Geoff Kernahan in Belfast tells us he has a Varadero for breaking and will let us know in the morning whether the headlight is any use. I have seen one one ebay for £39 plus a tenner postage so hope Geoff will go easy on us. The Fazer has been piling on the miles in the good weather. I reckon in 6 weeks I have only taken the car to work once. Sweet.


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