Some racing still to come…

The British MX Championship round at Desertmartin is also on today. I went to the event 2 years ago with my pal Stefan and had a cracker day. Sadly I imagine it will be a mudbath today so may just stay home. I do have some IOMTT races taped so may just watch those to cheer myself up. Not that I am scundered you know. Or maybe give the Fazer a clean. While I remember, good luck to those of you out at Jurby today.

I am off work next weekend, which should have been Bush Road Races. This is a track that I have yet to visit but sadly was cancelled some months ago. Very disappointing and hope the trend doesn’t continue. I have been asked to marshal at an MX event near Ballynahinch next weekend and may well go along.

Skerries looks like a non starter for me this year. As does the Southern 100. Just cant get the time off. It is so difficult to schedule days off for racing as I work shifts. Still, not complaining. I have a job to go to and get to most races during the year. Of course the answer would be to make road racing my job…….then I wouldnt miss any. Mmmmm?

I reckon my next weekend racing will be Armoy and hope to spend the weekend up there. We rented a wee cottage last year but see that it is booked up so looks like it may be time to sellotape the tent to the back of the Fazer :).

I have managed to get a bit of time off for The Ulster Grand Prix and hope to marshal as much as possible. No serious plans for the Manx Classic yet. Definately wont being doing a long visit unless I get 6 numbers up but hope to do a flying 2 day trip. The great thing is that ferries are rarely full and Steam packet prices much better value for money. We had such a great year at the event last year what with Cargo winning his well deserved replica. I hear an R6 painted yellow may just make an appearance this year 🙂

Post TT action at Billown

Post TT action at Billown


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